Learn the Pros and Cons of Each Style of Training You started an exercise program but decided to hold off on the strength training at first. Perhaps it’s because that area of the gym is full of unfamiliar pieces of equipment and people who all look like they know exactly what they are doing. Maybe it’s because your goal is to lose weight and not bulk up, or you’ve heard that strength training isn’t all that important. The truth is that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, strength training is an important part of any well-rounded exercise routine. Although it can be intimidating at first, creating a balanced strength routine isn’t all that difficult. Once you decide to add strength training to your schedule, the next decision becomes how often to do it. This will be answered, in part, by which kind of routine you decide to Read More
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Stop Feeling Guilty When You Need a Break Sometimes when we miss a workout, we know full well that we are just making “the dog ate my homework” types of excuses that wouldn’t fool anyone—not even you! But then there are the times when we have a valid reason for skipping a workout. Sometimes life really does get in the way. Sometimes you really do have to skip a workout, and don’t need the extra guilt for doing so. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for missing a day or even a week (or more) of workouts if you have a legitimate reason to opt out. But you should check in with yourself so you know whether it’s a valid excuse or whether you should be a little tougher on yourself. To help you tell the difference, we’ve come up with a list of times you can totally pass on a Read More
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Follow This Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great What if you could lose weight, get healthy and really, truly enjoy yourself, all with one simple activity that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere by almost anyone? It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other! Walking is a powerful exercise that can help you reach your goals, no matter how aggressive they might be. By challenging yourself to get your heart rate up into the cardio zone and working hard, walking serves as a great low-impact activity that will improve your fitness level and help you lose weight. Whether you’re new to exercise or just getting back into a routine, walking is the perfect activity to get you started. Walking has numerous health benefits and helps create a solid fitness base so that eventually you’re ready to tackle bigger goals, whether that’s the boot Read More
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